The Umundu Artivism is a creation of the vision bearer, Miss Lynnet Wawira. The term Umundu means being Humane which is a Native term originating from the Embu Community. Miss Lynnet Wawira has always felt the need to use art to communicate powerful messages to the society. 

Being a creative, she discovered that she could use films, photography, stage plays, music bands, drawings, Paintings, and Blogs among other creative media to spread messages of awareness.

According to Miss Lynnet Wawira, the society needs healing from the following;

  1. All forms of Gender based violence.
  2. Police brutality.
  3. Youth Unemployment.

Discrimination of women and Persons Living with Disabilities.

…and many other injustices which keep emerging.

Through the creative content produced by The Umundu Artivism, we will educate on how and where one may find help when they fall victim of the above social injustices.

The content will be used to highlight the above injustices in their purest form without trying to sugar coat anything for the purpose of alerting the community.

The Umundu Artivism will work with the criminal justice system, the healthcare sector, the education sector, the legal sector, and other organizations (both governmental and non-governmental) to fight against the mentioned social injustices.

The Umundu Artivism will have its eyes on the talents identified while creating the awareness. We will act as mentors and a linkage of the identified talents to other prominent bodies and sectors that require their talents such as the broader film industry in Kenya. 

We Look Forward to Interacting With You (the Reader) as We Create Awareness and Nurture Talents.