SDG'S 2030

We promote conversations around the intersection between Art and SDG's 2030.


At Umundu Artivism, we firmly believe in the transformative potential of art to touch hearts, change minds, and spur action.
Our multifaceted approach involves the following key components:

Community Engagement

We actively engage with communities and schools through awareness campaigns, focusing on crucial topics like Sexual and Gender-based Violence, Menstrual Hygiene, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.
Through interactive sessions, we provide education and resources to empower individuals and promote healthier practices.

Safe Haven

In cases of extreme gender-based violence, we offer a secure and supportive environment at our center.
Victims can reside with us for up to six months while receiving counseling
and vocational training, ensuring they gain the tools needed for self-sufficiency.

Art Awareness: Art as a Catalyst

We use compelling artistic creations, such as skits and performances, to spark conversations within communities.
These thought-provoking pieces serve as a springboard for discussions on important social issues.

We have worked with Lifted Souls, a community based organization based in Mwea, to present a short kit on Gender based violence to the community members in Mwea.(see clip below)

Talent Search: Nurturing Talent

We are passionate about nurturing the creative talents of the individuals we work with.
Our programs provide opportunities for artists and creatives to hone their skills and gain exposure in the broader creative world.

1. We are looking for persons who believe that they can act, sing, paint, do make-up, play an instrument, or can dance. If you fall under any if these, feel free to contact us by visiting the contact section.
2. Our talents on board are from the following areas
-The University of Embu
-Colleges and tertiary institutions within Embu county.
-Community members.
- Family and Friends.

Skill Development and Mentorship

Central to our mission is equipping women and youth with valuable soft skills.
Our training programs cover a range of areas, including hairdressing, hair trimming, and liquid soap making, enabling participants to acquire marketable skills for financial independence.