SDG's 2030


1. Creating awareness on social Injustices and providing solutions to each one of them by using art as its medium of operation. SDG 16

2. Nurturing talents within Embu County to enhance economic growth. SDG 8

3. Addressing General Inequality hence serving. SDG 10

4. Addressing Gender based Violence and Every form of Gender Inequality through a special program named “AGAINST_GBV.” SDG 5

5. Partnering with other organizations and institutions with a shared goal and value. SDG 17


1. We believe art is a weapon which should be used to bring peace, love, equity, and harmony in the society.
2.We have worked with lifted souls, a community based organization based in Mwea, to present a short kit on Gender based violence to the community members in Mwea.


1. We are looking for persons who believe that they can act, sing, paint, do make-up, play an instrument, or can dance. If you fall under any if these, feel free to contact us by visiting the contact section.
2. Our talents on board are from the following areas
-The University of Embu
-Colleges and tertiary institutions within Embu county.
-Community members who are with us to discover their talents.
- Family and Friends.

Talents on board.


We work with young people in the community where we offer mentorship on the following
- How to identify their unique abilities. We work with the identified talents and we also link them up with other platforms that require their talents.
-How to achieve their ultimate selves/ self actualization.
- The dangers of irresponsible behaviour such as drug abuse.
- How to identify a confidant, a person that one can approach when they need to open up.
- How to find help when violated.
-The importance of education.
-How to identify a good career mentor. Here, we help them identify their mentors, we link them up, and make follow ups.
-We hold physical meet ups to reconnect with our teams, and we also hold WhatsApp group discussions which helps us know each other better and strengthen our bond.