Who We are.

The Umundu Artivism is a community based organization in Embu County dedicated to advocating for humanity through art by voicing inhumane acts and injustices within the society.
We believe art is a weapon which should be used to bring peace, love, equity, and harmony in the society.


To support the eradication of all forms of social injustices by working together with other agencies, and organization working towards the same goal.


To nurture humane mannerisms among the members of the society in the present and future generations.



Lynnet W. Njeru

She is a creative who believes that art cuts across all sectors when it comes to delivering a message.

She founded The Umundu Artivism as a platform to create awareness on what is happening around the society we live in.


We have worked with various groups in the community but we currently have no signed partners.


1. We are currently running on zero funding. We work with our savings and support from friends and family.
2. we organize performances and screening of our films and skits where people get to pay a fair entrance fee..
3. We have a youtube channel where each view is a coin in the bag for us.
4. we offer training on film and glam make-up and offer our services to the community and we get an income from it.