“Anything you can do I can do it Bleeding.” 

It is rather unfortunate that learning has to stop for some girls when receiving their monthly period. As Umundu Artivism we believe that periods are flowers that symbolize the beauty of being born a woman. We conduct menstrual hygiene campaigns among teenage girls solely because despite lacking access to sanitary towels, some have insufficient knowledge on how to maintain proper hygiene during their periods leading to the contraction of infections. In the company of public health officers in Runyenjes Sub-County, we educate young girls on how to properly wear and dispose of the sanitary towels after use. We educate them on how to clean up during their periods and how important it is to change their inner wears. 

With contributions from members of the organization and well-wishers, we provide dignity kits to our beneficiaries comprising of sanitary towels, toilet papers, an inner pant, a face towel, and a bar of sunlight soap for general body hygiene.

Our goal is to keep our girls in school covered, happy, and healthy. 


To support our project, reach out to us via email [email protected]        

For images of the campaign, follow this link