The Umundu Artivism.

Creating Awareness / Nurturing Talents.

Harnessing Art for Social Change and Empowerment

Umundu is a native term originating from the Embu Community.
It means The Spirit of Togetherness.

The Umundu Artivism is a dynamic community-based organization committed to harnessing
the power of art to inspire conversations and create positive change in society.
Our Programs Provide Solutions to Social Dilemmas.

Founded with a vision to address critical social issues, we employ various art forms,
including film, stage plays, photography, and poetry, to catalyze dialogue on pressing matters
such as Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Menstrual Health, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Join our Community and stay in touch with what is happening around the society.

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@against_gbv is our special program dedicated towards fighting against gender based violence.